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In today’s world, establishing fresh connections can be a daunting task, even amidst a vast crowd of people. It requires a certain spark, a novel prospect, and naturally, a cup of coffee. Presenting you Ad of the day-AOTD, Nescafe – Bringing People Closer.

The campaign

Hidden cameras filmed commuters on either side of a busy road, each pressing what looked like a regular pedestrian crossing button – except that the buttons were labelled ‘push together’.

When two people figured out they had to press the button at the same time, they were both rewarded with a cup of Nescafé that was delivered automatically by vending machines camouflaged beneath the pedestrian crossing button.

The Ad Video

About the Ad and Nescafe Approach to Advertising

In today’s fast-paced world, connecting with people can be a challenging task. With busy schedules and limited time, finding common ground with strangers can seem like an insurmountable task. However, Nescafe, one of the world’s most popular coffee brands, has come up with a unique approach to bring people closer together – over a mug of coffee.

Nescafe’s approach to advertising revolves around the simple concept of using coffee to connect people. For their recent campaign, they placed hidden cameras on either side of a busy road where commuters frequently pass. Each side of the road had a regular pedestrian crossing button, but with a unique twist – the buttons were labeled “push together.”

As commuters pressed the button, they would discover that they needed to coordinate with someone on the opposite side of the road to get the button to work. Two individuals needed to press the button simultaneously for it to activate. This simple exercise brought people together, as strangers would communicate with each other to coordinate the button press.

Once the button was activated, the pedestrian crossing button would dispense a cup of Nescafe coffee from a vending machine that was camouflaged beneath it. The two individuals who coordinated their button press were then rewarded with a cup of Nescafe coffee, bringing them closer together.

Ad campaign bringing people closer - nescafe
AOTD, Ad of the day- Shockiry, Nescafe – bringing people closer

Public Response to Campaign

The campaign was a huge success, with over 600 people connecting over a cup of Nescafe coffee in a single day. It was heartening to see how this simple exercise brought strangers closer together, even if it was just for a brief moment.

This campaign demonstrates how advertising can bring people together and create a positive impact on society, making it an excellent example. Nescafe’s approach to advertising is refreshing and unique, and it serves as an inspiration to other brands to think outside the box and come up with innovative ideas to connect people.

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