Countries with Spanish as National or Official language

Background of Spanish Language:

A large number of countries use Spanish as a national or as an official language. The Spanish language has its origins in the fall of Rome and rapid expansion since its conquest of the Americas. Its history too can be traced back to the rise and fall of great empires. Spanish is one of the Romance languages along with French, Italian, and Portuguese. Latin is the source of many of Spanish’s grammar and syntax rules. Approximately 75% of Spanish words have Latin roots. Further, there are numerous other influences on the Spanish language. The words that makeup Spanish in its current form come from Greek, Arabic, and some of the languages of the Americas’ indigenous cultures.


After years of invasion and settlement on the Iberian Peninsula in the Middle Ages, the languages that make up Spanish developed into distinct dialects. Besides Moors conquered parts of Spain from Northern Africa and Visigoths from Central Europe, and Christians who spoke Vulgar Latin gradually reclaimed them. Again, most researchers concur that cutting-edge Spanish was laid out in a standard composed structure in the Realm of Castile in the Spanish city of Toledo. Equally important, the widely spoken language in Spain is Castilian Spanish, but Basque and Catalan, two regional Spanish languages, are still spoken in their respective regions.

Moreover, in the 16th and 17th centuries, Spanish conquistadors and explorers brought the Spanish language to the Americas. So, it quickly spread to North, Central, and South America, as well as the Caribbean. Furthermore, the fact that Spain, the language’s birthplace, does not have the largest Spanish-speaking population today demonstrates the prevalence of Spanish adoption. Colombia and Mexico have larger populations of native speakers.


In addition, Spanish is currently the second most spoken language on the planet, behind Mandarin Chinese. Mexico, Argentina, Chile, and the majority of Central and South America speak Spanish as their official language. Over 45 million people in the United States speak Spanish as their first or second language. These people make significant cultural contributions to the country. Spanish speakers are rising in the United States. Here’s a list of countries using Spanish as their primary language. Here is the list of the countries where Spanish is used as National or Official language:

BoliviaLa Paz; SucreBolivianoSpanish; Quechua; Aymara
ParaguayAsuncionGuaraniSpanish; Guarani
Equitorial GuineaMalaboCentral African CFA FrancSpanish; French; Portuguese
ArgentinaBuenos AiresArgentine PesoSpanish
ChileSantiagoChilean PesoSpanish
ColombiaBogotaColombian PesoSpanish
Costa RicaSan JoseColonSpanish
CubaHavanaCuban PesoSpanish
Dominican RepublicSanto DomingoDominican PesoSpanish
EcuadorQuitoUnited States DollarSpanish
El SalvadorSan SalvadorUnited States DollarSpanish
GuatemalaGuatemala CityQuetzalSpanish
MexicoMexico CityMexican PesoSpanish
PanamaPanama CityBalboaSpanish
PeruLimaNuevo SolSpanish
UruguayMontevideoUruguayan PesoSpanish
VenezuelaCaracasBolivar FuerteSpanish


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