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Since 1952, Lakhany Official has been Pakistan’s premier fashion brand. Through hard-work, innovation, and creativity, we have achieved both, a strong position in one of Pakistan’s most popular industries and a unique characteristic for our designs and prints.

Our vision is to serve our customers with high quality & superior products and offer specialized services by going the ‘mile.’ We want break through the clutter in the ever growing fashion industry of Pakistan by continuously bringing creativity & innovation in our designs.

Our men’s & women’s wear collections offer the distinctiveness of the eastern and western touch. This seamless blend retains all the qualities of the industry and qualifies for standards that Lakhany Official is known for. With the right touch of panache in Lakhany Official designs, you are absolutely ready to go any and everywhere!


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Dupatta:Printed 01 Piece 
Shirt Front:Textured Woven Printed 01 Piece
Shirt Back:Textured Woven Printed 01 Piece
Sleeves:Textured Woven Printed 01 Pair
Trouser:Dyed 01 Piece
Fabric:Cashmi Vool

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