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Shockiry is a globally renowned International Digital Marketing Solutions Agency. It excels in an array of services, including Social Media Marketing, Branding, and Graphic Designing. Our extensive expertise also extends to providing cutting-edge E-Commerce Solutions. Our diverse and talented team hails from across the world, working collaboratively to craft exceptional websites, compelling marketing pages, ignite branding initiatives for startups, and create captivating call-to-action content for our valued clients. With a dedication to innovation and a commitment to excellence, Shockiry stands as a dynamic force in the realm of digital marketing solutions. This time, shockiry is offering memes internship!!!!

Don’t Worry!!
Shockiry is here to offer a Unique Memeternship

Meme Internship

Hey there, meme enthusiasts! ????

Are you ready for an awesome opportunity to let your creativity run wild? Shockiry is here with a super cool meme internship just for you!
Imagine working closely with our meme dream team, having a blast creating meme pics and hilarious meme videos. At Shockiry, we want you to dive right in and have a blast crafting memes that’ll crack everyone up.
This internship is all about the meme life! You’ll get to work on real meme projects, using your meme magic to make content that’ll make people LOL all around the world.
Shockiry’s meme internship isn’t just a learning experience; it’s a meme-making party! You’ll get to team up with fellow meme lovers, share your epic meme ideas, and make friendships that might just shape your future meme-making adventures.
So, if you’re up for an exciting meme-making adventure, Shockiry’s meme internship program is the place to be. Let your creativity shine, polish those meme-making skills, and join a team that’s changing the meme game. Your meme adventure starts here, and we can’t wait to see the awesome memes you’ll create! ????

Your Role

You’re tasked with generating meme content for Shockiry related to workspace, life balance, students, or technology. You need to create memes in either picture or video format and add a humorous description for the picture memes or a title and description for the video memes. The memes will be posted on Shockiry’s website, Facebook, and YouTube channels, and you must reach a specific view count for each platform. Let’s get those memes rolling.
The maximum time of this internship is 1 Month.

How to Apply

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