Pakistan Floods: 10 Ways to Donate Families In Need

Floods Situation iin Pakistan

This article shares insights regarding the ongoing flash floods situation in Pakistan & how can you help the affected ones to cope with the catastrophe.


Whether it is consequential to a climatic calamity, a natural disaster, mismanagement of water resources, or simply because of the political or a capitalist system whose biased priorities have curved and contaminated the existence of more than 33 million people in Pakistan. Causing major damages to human life, destruction of property, loss of livestock, damage to crops and fields, deteriorating health conditions owing to many waterborne diseases and malarial or dengue infections,  floods also bring droughts and cause a significant setback in a generally defective economically deprived country. In a country where the politicians and media are concerned to make such disasters as “humanitarian” crises worthy of global pity and wish to score their viewer ratings and all while eradicating the sociopolitical perspective to keep away from any genuine discomfort. People and societies tirelessly owe to the discomfort of unsettling situations and circumstances they’ve gone through for helping the people in crisis and providing them with the necessities for their survival. Many such names with their reference information are listed below. You can always reach out and assist the help-seekers.

Al-Khidmat Foundation: 

It is considered one of the leading, non-government, non-profit charitable organizations. This organization is dedicated to providing humanitarian services since 1990 and has been a major contributor to philanthropic activities throughout the country from that point forward. The vision of the foundation is “Service to Humanity with Integrity” .
According to the Al-Khidmat Foundation officials, the group has already collected more than two billion rupees ($8.9m) since it started the funding drive for flood relief in late July. You can contact them through their website and donate through their direct deposit, online banking & home collection services.

Kaar-e-Kamal Welfare Foundation: 

: It is a student-based welfare foundation, established in 2018 by Bilal Yousaf and his fellows from the University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore. Ever since the welfare society has been involved in various humanitarian domains providing food bags, organizing medical camps, and taking on the expense cases for school and college-going students. For their flood relief program, they’ve contributed by delivering and disseminating food packages (Rashan Bags) including whole wheat flour bags, rusk and biscuit packets, dates, and other than that, clean water, garments, and pads for sanitation purposes. They’ve provided the essentials in 2 phases in the South Punjab region and for phase 3 they’ll work in the regions of Interior Sindh and Ghotki. What compels them to stand apart is their method of thorough investigation, careful examination, and due exploration of any cases they get reached in. Their motto is “DONATE FOR THE AFTERLIFE”.
You can follow them on Facebook under the name, Kaar-e-Kamal Welfare Foundation, donate to them at the given subtleties and offer their story.

Edhi Foundation floods Relief: 

Founded by Abdul Sattar Edhi, filling in as the world’s largest volunteer ambulance service, providing 24 hours assistance services throughout the country and internationally. Edhi Foundation also provides humanitarian assistance in shelter homes for the destitute, clinical and medical aid, and drug rehabilitation services. From the very beginning, EDHI Foundation Pakistan flood help groups are on the ground all over flood-impacted regions in Pakistan and have been protecting individuals’ lives and occupations, giving alleviation help including prepared food, dry ration packs, covering sheets, clinical guides, and other non-food essential items. You can donate them by tapping on the link given below

Moonlight Welfare: 

A charitable organization founded by the four students of Khawaja Fareed University of Engineering & Information Technology (KFUEIT). Laid out for the center motivation of giving flood mitigation to remote areas of Rojhan and Rajan Pur, managing to provide cooked meals, clothes, and water bottles for the end goal of drinking in the 1st phase. In the 2nd phase, they’ll be providing mosquito nets, repellents, and other kids’ essentials including powdered milk and biscuits or rusks. You can contact them through the foundation’s socials.


In the hour of emergency, where we see a number of male volunteers aiding the flood help programs, Hadiqa Kiani, Pakistan’s one of the most famous vocalists and musicians has initiated a campaign under the name of Vaseela-E-Raah. In her most recent Instagram pictures and recordings, she should be visible conversing with the tent manufacturers and packing food supplies in cartons with assistance from her other family members. So far, the rundown of things her campaign has provided in the regions of Balochistan & Khyber Pakhtun Khwa is as follows; Dari, Chatai, Ground Sheets, Tarpaulins for laying on the floor, pillows, blankets, sleeping bags, water coolers, water cans, towel, soaps, water drums for more water storage, waterproof tents, mosquito nets, solar lights, fiber boats, first aid kit, kitchen utensils, women sanitary items, meals (ready to eat: non-frozen type), warm clothes & shoes. Any Pakistani National, who is residing in the country as of now can donate to this cause, using the bank account details Hadiqa Kiani has shared on her Instagram. Unfortunately, they’re not accepting international wires right now.

Shahid Afridi Foundation floods Relief

: A non-profit organization with globally registered chapters in the USA, UK, Australia, & South Africa, founded by the former internationally acknowledged cricketer, Shahid Afridi. The vision of this organization is “We aspire to become the source for transforming lives of the underprivileged communities in Pakistan and across the globe”.
SAF Pakistan has joined hands with various platforms to provide utmost care and facilitation in the areas of Sindh & Balochistan. SAF has announced a collaboration with Akhuwat Foundation to construct 200 plus houses for the people who have lost their houses in the devastating flood fiasco. SAF has partnered with PAK Air Force, to reach remote areas of Sindh and distribution of food and other essential items. In Balochistan, SAF has collaborated with the #packagesgroup of the @tripackfilms93 to provide ration bags to flood affectees. SAF has further collaborated with Careem and for every Careem Go ride Rs.50/- will be taken to benefit #SAF flood relief efforts. Careem has likewise empowered clients to give redeemable focuses to SAF using the reward tile in the Super Application. Careem intends to utilize innovation as an empowering influence for virtual exchanges, including donations. The point is to take out logistical restrictions and make the cycle consistent. Charity cricket matches are also organized at KTPL-2 by #BadarExpo to rehabilitate indigent people. Moreover, a helpful hand by ISPR and Meiji Pakistan has helped SAF to reach and facilitate more than 4250 households. You can further assist them by donating on the link given below

Mahwari Justice: 

Women’s menstrual hygiene, as sensitive as the topic is, the more severe the taboos are associated with the particular name of Mahwari, an Urdu name for menstruation. A calamity won’t stop a period. Coming forward with the idea of sharing and saving the utmost non-food necessity for the women of flood victims. The two students began Mahwari Justice in July, putting emphasis on the dire need for menstrual hygiene, and have raised more than $45,260, such a long way through #gofundme, a web-based crowdfunding platform. They are also raising funds for UTIs and other vaginal infection medicines to send along the menstrual kits.
The cash has assisted them with conveying in excess of 12,000 sanitary kits containing panties, pads, soaps, and detergent powder, to flood-impacted ladies in regions of Balochistan, Sindh, and Punjab province. You can also be a helping hand by donating cash on the online platform.

Akhuwat Foundation floods Relief

Akhuwat following the principles of volunteerism, using religious places, Interest-free micro-loans, transforming borrowers into donors, and promoting diversity and inclusion, aims at tackling poverty by running development programs such as; Education, Support for marginalized people- Khwajasira, medical aid, and clothes bank. Their vision is “POVERTY ALLEVIATION THAT’S SUSTAINABLE, JUST, AND EFFECTIVE”.
They have come forth with helping the floods victims, in 1st phase which is the relief phase, they’ve provided waterproof tents, cash relief, essential food packages, and arranged medical camps. In the 2nd phase which can likewise be called as rehabilitation phase, Akhuwat has collaborated with Meezan Bank and SAF Foundation to rebuild homes in floods-affected areas by giving revenue-free advances.

Saylani Welfare International Trust: 

Whenever the time of crisis has come, Saylani Welfare has never withheld the power they can use to help the needy and indigent people of the society. It is a non-government, non-profit organization, founded in 1999, in Karachi. Saylani Welfare International Trust’s floods relief program includes the daily essentials for the survival of human beings on all fronts, using shelter kits, ration bags, mosquito kits, medical camps, distributing cooked food, and making need-based medicines approachable on a daily basis. Their vision is “Help Us to make lives better”.
You can help us grow their circle by donating on the link shared below

Indus Hospital & Health Network: 

Indus Hospital & Health Network: It is Pakistan’s one of the largest, public sector health communities with a number of private-public associations or partnerships throughout the country. Indus Hospital & Health Network is prone to provide medical assistance to vulnerable members of society. Owning significant research work, and plenty of medical research still under its name, IH&HN has also sponsored many research programs/projects. Their vision is “Excellence in healthcare service free for all to please Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala”.
They’ve devised a flood relief campaign providing basic survival kits to the floods victims, containing plastic shoes and mats, arranging medicines such as Iron syrup for kids and eye drops for all ages, mosquito kits and repellents, hygiene kits, dry ration bags with energy packs, cooked food, and cooking utensils. You can assist them in the noble cause by sharing donations on the given link.

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