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Pakistani Internships by PAKINTERN

The team of Pintern Pakistan is committed to providing new internship opportunities to students, who are at the initial stages of their professional career, and looking for their paid/non-paid job internship. The internships are of all kinds, including Business, Engineering, Medical, Law, Designing, Management, Trainings. These internships can either be remote or office based, depending upon the client.

Pakistani Internships
Pakistani Internships


We are #hiring at the future #unicorn is a real-estate online marketing network which provide services, and works with real estate agents, property and project owners, buyers, sellers and investors. For this internship program at Plotperty, we require committed energetic individuals who are willing to be a part of our team, so that they can understand, learn, manage, and earn in this online world.

Openings for INTERNSHIP:
– (mentioned below)

– University Students or Recent Graduates

– Anything related to Real estate, Social media (and/or WordPress websites), and/or Sales is a plus
– Non-experienced, and people of other degrees can also apply

– Goal oriented, which can be completed in 3 months

– Remote and online

– Flexible and scheduled

– It’s a commission based internship, so there is no base pay. If you are able to make monetary profits during your time being internee through utilizing company’s resources, then you can have your share in commission.
– Plotperty is an equal opportunity provider. Full time university students and recent graduates from any background and abilities can apply. We strongly encourage differently-able individuals, as it’s a online, remote, and flexible working-hours opportunity.
– You have to apply on the following link, else you are rejected without any further communication: (use a laptop/pc to fill)
– Even after hiring for specific department, you will be transferred/rotated in to the departments where you are needed. Hence, you will be working on different roles with different departments.
– You will be assigned with goals to complete during the time of your internship period, failure to do so will lead to non-issuance of internship certificate.
– Respect is our core value, hence non-respectful behavior and approaches are not tolerated. HR, Team, Captain, and Plotperty reserves the right to reject or/and release the internee as and when required, without prior intimation, and the decision cannot be challenged.
– Owner/s holds the right to change the agreement at any point without any need of explanation. This decision cannot be challenged. Only the largest shares holder/s can veto any decision taken by owner/s.
– Original founder i.e. E1, holds the right to veto anything at any point (including the decisions of largest shareholder/s) in time.
– Before issuance, or even after the issuance and handing over of Job/Internship/other certificate/s to employee. The employee or former employee holds no legal right to challenge the founder or company hiring you for this internship on any grounds
– If you do not get confirmation of hiring by the end of the month, then we won’t be moving forward with your application this time.
– You can mention in the last question of comments for team that which department you are primarily interested in working

– Sunday usually going to be full day working (10am-10pm)

– Attendance is Mandatory in Weekly meets of the Team

– Stable internet connection/data connection is a must need for this internship.

– Video interview will be conducted if you are short-listed for it

Looking forward to connecting with you
Team Plotperty 🙂

Pakistani Internships
Pakistani Internships

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