Internship of the Day – 6 APRIL 2023 – Intern – BITNINE GLOBAL

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Job Title: Software Engineers Intern

About the job

Bitnine ( is a database management system software vendor and data analysis services and solutions provider with offices in various parts of the world.

Apache AGE ( is an open-source project by the Apache Software Foundation, the world’s largest open-source software foundation, for developing various Graph database technologies and applications.

Bitnine has been the major contributor of the Apache AGE project since Bitnine donated the AGE source code to the Apache Software Foundation.

We are looking for software engineer interns who are passionate about coding, love to tackle difficult programming challenges and are willing to learn how to modify open-source DBMS software such as PostgreSQL and MariaDB for creating advanced Graph database management system software technologies and applications in an Apache AGE open-source GitHub environment.

The internship is PAID and for 6 months (20 hours a week part-time / remote) with potential to extend, a job offer may follow based on performance.



  • Developing (open-source) Graph database management system software technologies and related applications using various programming languages including C, Python, Rust and JavaScript
  • Participating in an (open-source) Apache Top-Level Project “Apache AGE” as one of its contributor
  • Collaborating with the Bitnine’s Apache AGE open-source community (internship) managers and technical project managers
  • Creating and updating technical writings about Apache AGE
  • Debugging and testing Apache AGE source code
  • Proactively learn about open-source DBMS software such as PostgreSQL including its internal mechanisms and how Graph queries work (Helps will be provided)


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering or related area
  • Strong problem-solving abilities
  • Highly developed analytical and organizational skills

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