This post intends to offer helpful information to electrical engineering students looking for online internships. Online internships make it easier for students to learn more about their industry.

The list of websites that provide online internships is briefed below.



  On the website Indeed, there are several chances for undergraduates as well as employment openings. The platform is big enough to learn a lot about your field. There is no better choice for electrical engineering students to learn and obtain a qualification.


 Employers can post internship opportunities and entry-level job openings on Chegg Internships, a career portal and job posting website, to reach students and recent graduates around the nation. The website is a component of the Chegg network, which works to help and support students.


 Students can get the most recent information about internships available on the market from a network called Pintern. Since years, pintern has benefited students of all levels. The legitimacy of the website can be believed.

Alison :   

     One of the biggest free learning platforms in the world for education and skill development is Alison. It is a for-profit social enterprise whose mission is to enable anyone to study anything online for free, at any level, and from anywhere at any time.

Kaashiv Infotech :

     Internships are offered by kaashiv Infotech. Internships entail giving students a thorough understanding of the technology and real-world experience. Interns at Kaashiv  Infotech are given the opportunity to comprehend and learn about the most recent trends in the labour market. The internship will give you a comprehensive image of your career options, including higher education or employment. There are several internships, including “Offline internships.”


Engineering students can gain real-time experience online with Emertxe’s Free Internships in Embedded Systems. It will walk you through a genuine working experience in an industry. You will be aware of the many stages of product development and the expertise needed to work on any embedded product in industry. This 4-week programme is hands-on, watched over, and guided by our highly qualified Mentors.

Intern group:

One of the top suppliers of foreign internships is The Intern Group. Their programmes are spread across Latin America, Europe, Asia, and North America. They assign participants from all over the world to abroad internships that advance their professional development.

State Bank of Pakistan Virtual Internship:

The National Financial Literacy Program for Youth (NFLP-Y) was established by the State Bank of Pakistan in partnership with the National Institute of Banking & Finance to provide youth and school-age children in Pakistan with the fundamental financial education they need to improve their ability to manage their finances.

The initiative encourages young people to become financially literate and has expanded to 65 selected districts in Pakistan, including GB & AJK, targeting a variety of age groups. Knowledge of finance is compulsory even for Electrical Engineers.

The leading online employment board in Pakistan, ROZEE.PK, matches talent with opportunity. Through the provision of a single platform for job seeking and hiring, respectively, ROZEE.PK offers services to both employers and job seekers.

A vast database of thousands of searchable CVs is available on ROZEE.PK.

Scholarship Corner:

Scholarship corner offers accurate details on each internship and employment. Free online internships with free certificates are a fantastic opportunity for professionals and students to obtain cutting-edge skills that will help them develop in their fields. The virtual experience programme also offers a platform where students and other people can benefit from professional opportunities. The Forage virtual internship programme is specifically created to provide students a glimpse into real work at reputable organizations.

For any undergraduate, internships are a prerequisite, but they are extremely important for electrical engineers.

They demand practical experience.

Internships are an excellent way to acquire all those abilities and experiences. An engineer will never truly be able to feel the pride of being one until they have hands-on experience.

  • Application Procedure:

These are online internships, hence the registration process entails:

  • Complete an online form
  • Uploading your grade report cards
  • Previous and present grades
  • Submitting an application online

After meeting the requirements they set, a certificate for your online internship follows.

Author: Engineer Maria Anwar from UETT


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